Youngsters love losing teeth because of the Tooth Fairy, but for adults, having a tooth removed is a serious procedure that requires expertise and careful treatment.

Why Pull My Tooth?

tooth extraction utahA dentist will suggest that a tooth should be pulled for a number of reasons. Often the case is that some accident or trauma has damaged a tooth beyond reasonable repair. The damaged tooth will be removed and then a replacement tooth will be put into place.

Simple tooth decay can often be advanced enough, the removal of the tooth is the best option. In other cases, an infection is present, or there is a risk of infection. A root canal is often the first choice, but if that isn’t a reasonable option, tooth extraction is the next step.

Crowding is yet another reason why a dentist may recommend that you have a tooth removed. This extraction is often to prepare the mouth for orthodontic treatment.

The Process

As with many dental procedures, the first step with dental extraction or pulling a tooth is to numb the area. This will generally happen with an anesthetic injection.
A tooth is meant to last a lifetime, which means that it is firmly rooted in the mouth. The dentist must do a few things in order to safely remove the tooth. The root of the tooth must be removed from the bone it is encased in. The tooth is also attached to a ligament, which it must be separated from.

Our APEX dentists will use a variety of trusted techniques to remove the tooth. Application of pressure widens the socket surrounding the bone, and special tools help lift the tooth out of its socket.


The cost of tooth extraction depends on the kind of tooth and the kind of problem the extraction is going to resolve. If the dentist is simply removing a problematic baby tooth, the procedure probably won’t be as serious as removing a permanent tooth. Remember that having a tooth pulled is often followed by the need for some other dental service, like implants.