Cost Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a trusted and reliable choice at all of our APEX dental clinics. The procedure requires the highest levels of expertise, which our dentists provide.

The cost of this procedure can only be finalized once a patient meets with one of our dentists, as one patient’s particular dental issue may be different than another’s, meaning that treatment will vary.

How Many Teeth Need Replaced

Naturally, the more teeth that need replacement, the higher the cost. Trauma and accidents often require extensive renovation in the mouth. Gum disease can also mean that teeth need to be removed, and dental implants are the replacement teeth. The elderly often need many teeth removed.

To replace one tooth with a dental implant generally costs about $2,500.

Just Implants, Or More?

Sometimes the best option is to put in permanent dental implants for all of the teeth. In other cases, people choose to have dentures replace missing teeth, and dental implants hold the dentures in place. Depending on the specific condition, dental implants are often combined with some other kind of procedure.

How Complicated Will the Procedure Be?

Everyone’s mouth is different. Dental implants are needed for a variety of reasons, and each reason plays a role in how extensive the dental work will need to be. Sometimes for implants to be able to take hold, the jawbone needs to be built up, which requires more time and expertise.

Is It Worth It?

Dental implants can be very expensive. But they are the best option for not only regaining a great smile, but for regaining the best functionality of the mouth. Speaking and eating is much better with dental implants, compared to dentures.

Our APEX dentists will consult with you about costs, about payment plans, and about alternative procedures. Don’t wait to deal with your dental problems, as this can result in the need for even more dental work and more costs.