Apex Dental Offering New Technology to Screen for Oral Cancer

  Every hour of every day, one American dies of oral cancer. Did you know that more than 30,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year, and of those, only 57% will be alive in 5 years? Apex Dental has the latest technology…

The In's, The Out's, and the In Betweens

Did you know that only 50% of Americans floss their teeth every day? That means that the other 50% of Americans let bacteria fester and feast inside their gums and in between their teeth all night long! Flossing is so important to the overall…

6 Signs You Are Clenching or Grinding Your Teeth

Teeth are not meant to touch. It sounds strange but it’s true. Your teeth don’t touch when you speak, when you smile, or even when you eat. Your teeth should only touch for an average of 4 minutes or less per day. The effects of grinding…
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Utilizing Your Available Healthcare Benefits for Dental Work

Waste Not Want Not If dental insurance, flex spending and HSAs have your head spinning, you are not alone. The healthcare payment world can be a little confusing and frustrating, especially when you found out you’ve lost money that could have…
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The Hidden Health Risk in your Gums

Important information from your Utah dentists. For such a small part of the body, the mouth requires lots of attention and care. In addition to twice daily flossing and brushing, teeth require regular professional cleaning and inspection. Many…
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Dental Cleanings: An Important Part of Preserving Overall Health

You’d think people would enjoy the feeling of having professionally cleaned teeth, but most people are hesitant to make that trip to the dentist’s office for a dental cleaning. They fear the dentist’s bad news, that there is cavity, or…
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Dental Health and Pregnancy

Did you know that a baby’s teeth begin to develop while still in the womb? It’s true. At some point between the third and sixth months of pregnancy, a baby’s teeth start to develop. They won’t protrude through the gums until later, but…
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How Food Influences Oral Health

Correct dietary habits have an enormous influence on physical health, and this includes oral health. Among other things, good nutrition is effective at preventing the development of cavities. A cavity is formed when tooth decay is allowed to…
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The Importance of Dental Visits

Oral health is very important. If oral health is neglected, it can cause serious problems, and even have implications for total body health. Thus, regular dental visits are critical. The American Dental Association recommends a dental visit…