Orthodontist Murray

Tips for Eating With Braces

Adjusting to braces may take a while. There may be pain, soreness, swelling and new sensitive nerves in your teeth. Biting and chewing will not feel as natural, but there are some ways to master the orthodontic apparel in your mouth. 1. Eat…
gum disease treatment utah
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The Hidden Health Risk in your Gums

Important information from your Utah dentists. For such a small part of the body, the mouth requires lots of attention and care. In addition to twice daily flossing and brushing, teeth require regular professional cleaning and inspection. Many…
Laser Dentistry
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Laser Dentistry: a Better Way of Treating Patients

The health field is always on the rise. Every year new techniques are introduced that make dentistry easier, faster, and more effective. One of those happens to be the laser. Here at Apex we house the DEKA soft tissue dental laser. It is the…
jaw pain treatment utah

How Your Dentist Can Help With Facial Pain

The mechanisms for chewing and speaking are complicated in the human body. Certain issues with the jaws, ligaments and joints can cause pain. Our dentists are trained to diagnose different problems causing this pain, and get you on your way…
Wisdom teeth removal recovery

Tips For Quick Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Removal

We are all different when it comes to our teeth, and wisdom teeth are no exception: Are my teeth crowded? Do I have enough room for my wisdom teeth? Are my wisdom teeth impacted in the gums? X-rays are essential to tell whether your wisdom…
dentures utah

4 Things to Know About Dentures

Your dentist has said you need dentures, which can be an intimidating idea. Here are some tips to give you confidence moving forward. 1. Don’t put off getting them. Damaged and decayed teeth makes eating difficult, along with many other…
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Aging and Teeth

Aging is inevitable, and the changes that come with the years will affect almost all the different parts of our bodies, including the teeth and gums. Most of us tie dentures to the elderly. But dental issues and treatments for those past middle…
teeth whitening west jordan

Is Teeth Whitening Worth the Cost?

Teeth whitening is a growing trend in our society, and for good reason. Visibly whiter teeth can transform your entire appearance, increase your self-confidence and improve your quality of life. There are many do-it-yourself tutorials and over-the-counter…
Porcelain veneers Murray Utah

What Can Veneers Do for You?

Veneers are often compared to fake nails. The tendency is to think that veneers just get placed on your normal teeth to make your smile whiter and brighter. This is not the case. Porcelain veneers actually do more than just make your smile white. Veneers…
Pediatric Dentist Salt Lake City

What Parents Need to Know About Pediatric Dentistry

Most kids aren’t too excited about going to the dentist. As family and pediatric dentists, we understand that coming into the dentist’s office for a cleaning or to get a cavity filled can be hard for kids. We do our best to make the experience…