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3 Common Causes of Oral Health Issues Among Teens

At Apex Family Dental, we care about the health of you and your family, including children of all ages. Some dental problems are particularly common among teenagers. Check out our graphic for a quick look at some of the oral health issues frequently affecting adolescents.     Are you interested in booking an appointment with […]

3 Oral Health Issues Teens Should Watch Out For

Let’s be honest: at Apex Family Dental, we often notice that when children begin to outgrow childhood and enter adolescence, the upkeep of their oral and dental health takes a nosedive. Perhaps this is because parents oversee their kids’ oral hygiene more closely while they’re, well, still kids. The middle and high school years are […]

National Children’s Hygiene Month

One of the most common misconceptions that occur in the dental chair is that of blaming problematic teeth on genetics. Surprisingly, genetics is one of the LEAST common denominators of problematic teeth. While genetics can have an effect on your enamel strength, genetics doesn’t cause tooth decay, poor dental hygiene does. In fact, the number […]


Braces vs. Invisalign

For 16 years the public has debated whether braces or Invisalign is better. We are here to offer you the cold hard facts about each! Then, you can decide what you think is best for yourself! Invisalign When Invisalign was introduced it almost seemed too good to be true. The concept of having straight teeth […]