Smile Design

Your smile is an integral part of your personality and greatly affects how you socially interact with those around you. It can have a great affect upon your happiness, self-esteem, and overall success in life. This is why, at Apex Dental in Utah, we treat smile aesthetics as seriously as any other dental condition by providing an array of procedures and services to help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Laser Gum Contouring

odyssey-Laser-Dental-TreamentThrough the use of cutting edge dental laser technology, smile design by gentle gum contouring is performed to create a more natural-looking, fully-formed smile. The process of gum reshaping involves removing part of your excessive gum tissue to reveal more of your natural teeth. In the past, gum contouring (also sometimes referred to as gum reshaping) required surgical techniques that involved cuts and sutures. Fortunately, modern dental technology, such as Apex Dental’s CO2 soft-tissue dental laser, has provided a quick and painless way of contouring the gums to reveal more of your naturally beautiful smile. You can only find this cutting-edge technology at 5% of Utah dental offices. However, at Apex Dental, we’ve made sure to equip all six of our Utah dental offices with this remarkably effective and worthwhile technology to enhance our patient experience.

Does it Hurt?

Prior to the gum contouring procedure, a gentle anesthetic is applied which makes the process utterly painless. The CO2 dental laser is far less invasive than prior surgical methods and virtually eliminates bleeding or any chance of infection. After the procedure has been completed, healing time is extremely fast and you should see visible results immediately.

Is Gum Contouring Right for You?

If your teeth look too short or too small because of the disparate proportions between your teeth and gums, smile design through laser gum contouring might be an excellent solution for you. While gummy smile is not necessary an unhealthy condition, many people find it aesthetically unattractive and opt to have the excess gum tissue removed. Sometimes porcelain dental veneers are a necessary additional step toward producing your desired smile. However, in many cases, the laser gum contouring procedure is enough to create a beautiful, healthy-looking smile.

Prior to performing any dental treatment, the doctors at Apex Dental perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine what procedures are right for you. They will always answer your questions reassuringly and customize a dental treatment plan that perfectly matches your needs and desires. Call one of our six Utah dental offices today to schedule your first appointment to find out if smile design through laser gum contouring is right for you.

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