Let’s be honest: at Apex Family Dental, we often notice that when children begin to outgrow childhood and enter adolescence, the upkeep of their oral and dental health takes a nosedive.

Perhaps this is because parents oversee their kids’ oral hygiene more closely while they’re, well, still kids. The middle and high school years are often their first experiences with caring for their teeth themselves, so it’s not surprising that the transition comes with a drop off in hygiene.

However, there are a few oral health issues that are somewhat unique to the teen years, and it’s not always about simply brushing two or three times a day. Below, we present some of the most common oral health issues that teenagers should be aware of.

  1. Hormone-Related Gingivitis

It may sound odd, but some studies show that there may be a link between increases in certain hormones and the development of gingivitis. Not only could this explain the higher rate of gum disease among men than women, but it might also illuminate why teens suffer from gingivitis at higher rates than either children or adults. Nonetheless, teens can still prevent or reverse gingivitis through proper brushing, flossing, and antimicrobial mouthwash.

  1. Side Effects from Oral Piercing

If performed incorrectly, or if not properly cared for afterward, an oral piercing can cause severe health issues not just for the mouth but the whole body. Tongue piercings are known to cause cracked teeth, especially if metal piercings are inserted towards the tip of the tongue. They can also cause speech impairments. It’s even possible to swallow the jewelry accidentally!

Oral piercings can also lead to excessive saliva production, chewing and swallowing problems, uncontrolled bleeding, and long-term infections.

  1. Sports Injuries

Contact sports are popular with many middle school and high school students, carrying the risk of bodily injury. To prevent damage to one’s teeth, teens involved in sports should take care to wear mouth guards and face guards that offer adequate protection and are specific to the sport they play.

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