One of the most common misconceptions that occur in the dental chair is that of blaming problematic teeth on genetics. Surprisingly, genetics is one of the LEAST common denominators of problematic teeth. While genetics can have an effect on your enamel strength, genetics doesn’t cause tooth decay, poor dental hygiene does. In fact, the number one cause of tooth decay is improper hygiene.

At Apex Dental we believe in the importance of dental hygiene not only in adults but in children as well. It is so important to teach your children good hygiene habits early on so that when their permanent teeth grow in, they are already in the habit of taking great care of their teeth. Once the permanent tooth has grown in, it’s there to stay!

We know how intimidating the dentist can be for children (and adults who are we kidding here?) when it is their very first dental visit and everything is so foreign. The earlier you introduce your child to the dental office, the better. Apex Dental has carefully chosen doctors who are excellent with all patients including children so that your child’s first dental visit can be a positive experience and not a traumatizing one.

Here are just a few tips on how to keep your child from developing bad habits at a young age: make brushing a game, sing while you floss, don’t feed your child a bottle to help them fall asleep because the residue from the milk stays on their teeth all night, brush along with them- monkey see, monkey do.

You might ask yourself,cute girl how do I prevent my child from developing tooth decay? The best way is to brush and floss regularly. There are also other important things to prevent decay. Fluoride application is one of the best things you can do for your teeth. Fluoride has a special protecting agent in it that helps prevent decay for an extended period of time! So next time your hygienist asks you if you’d like a fluoride application, your answer should be YES!!!

In honor of National Children Hygiene Month, Apex Dental is offering a special for the entire month of February. Fluoride for children in the month of February is only $20. Call today at 801-566-8833. See you soon!


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