As we all know, Oral Cancer is an incredibly serious disease with a high mortality rate relative to other cancers. Part of the reason for this is the difficulty in detecting the disease with the naked eye. At our Murray office we use VELscope technology which makes the detection process a lot easier. During the month of April, we’re going to be promoting Free Cancer Screenings through all of our major external advertising sources. This includes, TV, Radio, Newspaper, as well as our social channels.

Since the VELscope is currently only available in our Murray practice, if the new patient calls in specifically to take advantage of the free VELscope screening, you’ll need to go ahead and schedule them over in Murray. However, Office Leaders and Scheduling Coordinators will need to keep an eye on the number of VELscope requests you receive, because if demand is high enough we may invest in one or more new VELscope machines for the other offices.

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