We had a great time coming by your offices last week and meeting with you. If our steady increase in new patients is any indication, we feel that things are going well overall. Thanks again for all your hard work and extra effort in making sure that our marketing doesn’t go to waste.

I wanted to give a brief recap of the primary topics we discussed in your meetings:

Reactivation Contest—

Between now and April 18th, if you manage to reactivate a certain number of new patients, Tom and I will take your staff out to a nice dinner (I suppose “nice” is a subjective term, so I hope no one is too disappointed). Your reactivation baseline has been determined based on your best month from the previous year, plus some. I’ll send an email to every office leader to remind you what number you have to hit.

Staff Referral Contest—

Remember those fancy new business cards we printed for everyone? Don’t forget to hand them out to everyone, because there’s $100 in it for you. We changed the rules slightly moving forward: If your office gets five cards back in a month, your office leader will draw one card from the pot. If it’s your card, you’ll win the $100 for that month. You only need five card between EVERYONE in your office, so this shouldn’t be a tough baseline for you guys to hit.

$10,000 Vacation Giveaway—

I created a dedicated blog post which gives an overview of the event details. Between now and April 18th, it’s the job of every staff member to talk about the event to your patients. They will only be as excited as you are. Try reminding them about just how amazing a $10,000 vacation would be. We threw together some vacation options as a test, and we got really excited once discovered how far ten grand can take you. Examples include an 8-day, 3-city tour of Italy with all-inclusive travel and meals, a multi-stop tour of Ireland which includes your own personal valet and lodging in CASTLE HOTELS, and much more.

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