Laser Dentistry

The health field is always on the rise. Every year new techniques are introduced that make dentistry easier, faster, and more effective. One of those happens to be the laser. Here at Apex we house the DEKA soft tissue dental laser. It is the latest and safest dental technology. Only about 5% of Utah dentist offer laser dentistry, but fortunately for Apex clients, it is accessible at five of our six locations. The DEKA CO2 laser is state-of-the-art technology and has been approved by the FDA.

Dentistry can be a frightening concept to a vast majority of people. There are a wide variety of reasons why we shy away from dentists, but two very common reasons are pain and healing time. By being able to use the laser, it significantly reduces those two areas and provides a simple solution.  Dental procedures that partner with the laser often require no incisions or sutures, reduce bleeding, and do not need anesthesia. The incredible accuracy of the laser makes it so the surrounding area is less likely to be damaged and provides precision and exactness when performing the procedure.

Some of the procedures in which the laser can be used:

Smile design-

The laser is able to shape the gum line and expose more of the tooth making it more balanced and improve the appearance of the smile.


Tissue connects the lip to the gums and the tongue to the bottom of the mouth.  In some cases, these connective tissues are too restricting. A restrictive attachment from the upper lip to the gum can cause a gap in the front teeth. An attachment that is too restrictive on the underside of the tongue may result in a challenge for babies to breast-feed, or create a speech impediment. Laser frenectomy is a much more comfortable method of removing the restricting portion of the frenum, often requiring no stitches or inscisions.

Dental Implants and other oral surgeries-

Using the dental laser instead of a metal scalpel can reduce bleeding, swelling and discomfort. The laser can also sterilize areas affected to reduce the possibility of future infection. These methods can result in shorter and more comfortable healing time for patients.

Tooth (Dentin) sensitivity-

Tooth sensitivity is a common and frustrating problem. Many adults have tooth sensitivity on some level. If you have any teeth that are sensitive laser dentistry may be the answer.

Cold Sore or Canker Sore-

These little pests are not only a sore on the mouth but can be an eye sore of the face. They are hard to hide and tend to take quite some time to heal. With the help of the laser, your cold or canker sores can be removed and by doing such, they will never again return to that same area.

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