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Your dentist has said you need dentures, which can be an intimidating idea. Here are some tips to give you confidence moving forward.

1. Don’t put off getting them.

Damaged and decayed teeth makes eating difficult, along with many other common tasks, like talking even. Dentures can greatly improve ones life, since we actually use teeth a great deal in day-to-day activities.

dentures utahAs missing teeth are replaced, it prevents sagging in many cases. The whole point of dentures is to make your mouth whole again.

2. Don’t think dentures will solve all of your problems.

Dentures aren’t easy to get used to, even though they help a great deal, and greatly improve the appearance of one’s smile. It can take a few weeks for your cheek and tongue muscles to get used to the new parts of your mouth.

Understanding that there will be a small transition time for you to feel comfortable with your braces will greatly improve your experience.

3. Take care of them.

Don’t throw around your dentures carelessly, because they can break. Use a soft-bristle brush to clean them daily. After all, this is your new smile. In addition, clean your own mouth every day to reduce bacteria and stimulate circulation in the gum tissues.

Along with cleaning, take care of your dentures by consulting with your dentist if you’re experiencing problems. Don’t try to do any adjusting by yourself.

4. Learn how to properly remove dentures.

Consult with your dentist about how to remove your dentures. For the top denture, you’ll generally press upward on the front teeth, and outward toward the nose. Before removal, swish warm water or mouthwash in your mouth.

Some kinds of dentures need to be kept moist when they are out of the mouth. If the dentures have metal pieces, however, this may not be the case.

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