When we flash a grin, we want it to be memorable for the right reasons. A good smile does wonders for first impressions, while discolored teeth make any conversation a little bit awkward.

For this reason and a host of others, more and more people are seeking teeth whitening, including in Utah. But in recent years, states have tried to limit who can provide teeth whitening and bleaching processes.

Of course many companies make and sell teeth whitening products, like toothpaste and home teeth whitening teeth whiteningkits, but professional whitening is a different matter. Many states only allow licensed dentists, hygienists and dental assistants to perform dental teeth whitening. As a result, many states have had exclusive teeth-whitening businesses shut down, because they are not licensed.

While the procedure of bleaching rarely leads to complications, side effects can occur. Some patients experience tooth sensitivity and gum sensitivity. This may include sensitivity when eating or drinking something hot or cold. Generally sensitivity should fade with 1-2 days, but sometimes it lasts longer.

Other patients experience intense pain on one individual tooth. Called a “zinger” by some, nobody knows the exact cause. It may be because hydrogen peroxide finds its way inside the tooth.

So what does it matter who does your teeth whitening? The substances used to whiten teeth at the dentist’s office are very powerful, and must be treated with care. Burning sensations can occur if the bleaching substance touches the gums. A good dentist will have extensive knowledge about how to place the bleaching trays inside the mouth, and will be able to give specific instruction to the patient. It is important that the patient receive the appropriate size tray.

Cosmetic dental procedures are sometimes not treated as seriously as traditional ones, but the side effects that can come about during cosmetic dentistry are just as serious. Swallowing peroxide because the bleaching trays don’t fit properly can lead to vomiting and headaches.

Make sure you enlist the help of a qualified dentist for your cosmetic teeth whitening procedures.


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