As many of you may already be aware, we gave away a 2013 Kia Soul to one of our incredible patients as part of our Patient Appreciation event last month. We had an incredible time mingling with patients and staff members, and we even had a couple Utah celebrities in attendance! Megaplex Theaters at Jordan Commons hosted the event, and allowed us to show a free movie after the giveaway ended. Overall it was an incredibly fun time for all involved.

More than simply being a good time, however, it was great seeing our doctors and staff in a position to give something back to our patients in a real and tangible way. Our doctors and staff truly care about the well-being of each of our many patients, and it was fun to witness such devotion in action. Most of you may consider them to be “just” your dentists, but they each value their relationships with their patients more than any other aspect of their work. Putting on such an event was extremely rewarding for them, and everyone here at Apex are looking forward to doing similar events in the future!

Leading up to the event, we did contests and promotions through Facebook for the sake of promotion, and also to also give our patients the opportunity to become automatic finalists. At the end of the day, we were only able to choose 100 finalists, but everyone left with at least a consolation prize. However, many of them left with some awesome secondary prizes, such as Jazz tickets and a Kindle Fire.

There were thousands of entries from eager patients, and the final winner ended up being Lori, one of our awesome West Jordan patients. Fortunately, we had a cameraman taking video of the entire event, so you can view the video below and pretend you were there!

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