Referral Rewards Program

We wanted to express our great appreciation for the thoughtful efforts our patients put forth in referring their friends and family to us by kicking off an amazing new program. We always love welcoming new patients to our office and we wouldn’t be where we are today without their assertive efforts in helping us expand our family.

As a result of our great success, we wanted to show our sincere gratitude by creating a program designed to reward our patients for each referral submitted to us. From now on, for each patient you refer you’ll earn a token of our appreciation, and the more people you refer the better the reward you’ll receive!

The Nuts & Bolts

We’ve set up a page on our website specifically devoted to ensuring you receive all the information you need regarding the program. Referring someone and receiving your reward involves just three simple steps:

1) Next time you’re in our office we’ll provide you with referral cards to give out to your friends and family. On these cards they’ll find a deal for $25 Apex credit that can be used toward treatment.

2) After your referral has been received and verified as a new patient, we’ll send you an email confirmation letting you know your total number of referrals with us. You can then check our website to see what rewards you qualify for.

3) Receiving your reward is as simple as calling us and telling us what you want, or dropping us an email at You can then either pick it up at our office or we can mail it to your address.

If you have any additional questions regarding the program feel free to call or send us an email. We’re so excited to have the opportunity to give you something in return for helping us.

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