VELscope Cancer Screenings

Over 45,000 Americans are estimated to be diagnosed with oral cancer this year. Because of the difficulty in spotting oral cancer through plain visual examination, it is often detected at a late stage. Due to this, only 60% of newly diagnosed people live longer than 5 years. Fortunately, through regularly scheduled preventative check-ups with Apex Dental and their state-of-the-art VELscope Oral Cancer screenings, our patients have the opportunity to be diagnosed and treated before the problem escalates.

Due to the location of potential oral cancer growth, your Apex family dentist is a great resource for early diagnosis. Most dentists are able to do a quick visual examination of the tissues in your mouth to look for any noticeable growth or damage. Unfortunately, a simple visual check will often miss developing issues until they have become more severe. To allow for even greater accuracy in detecting cancerous and pre-cancerous tissue, our Apex dentists are now utilizing the VELscope Oral Assessment System. The VELscope device uses harmless blue light to analyze the distinct patterns of healthy and unhealthy tissues. This allows doctors to notice abnormalities that may not even be visible to the naked eye. Like all cancers, early detection and diagnoses dramatically increase your chance of a successful recovery. The VELscope screening is both quick and painless and can be easily fit into your regularly scheduled exam and cleaning.

Apex Dental believes in the importance of fight against oral cancer, which is why we are leading the way in raising awareness and diagnoses within our Utah communities. April is the month of Oral Cancer Awareness, and Apex is committed to leading the way in raising both awareness and early diagnoses with the help of our talented doctors and staff. Apex is excited to be the first dental office in Utah to offer completely FREE VELscope oral cancer screenings throughout the month of April. Not only will every patient that comes in for an exam and cleaning in the month of April receive a free VELscope exam, anyone, regardless of if they are a patient at Apex, will also be able to receive a free oral cancer screening. These VELscope screenings will be available at our:

Sandy Office
641 W 9000 S #1, Sandy, UT 84070

Riverton Office
12391 4000 W, Riverton, UT 84096

Murray Office
5642 900 E, Murray, UT 84121

Stansbury Office
263 Country Club Dr #103, Stansbury Park, UT 84074

Give Apex a call today at (801) 838-9510 to schedule an appointment our nearest office.

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