The Latest Forms of Traditional Orthodontic Care

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Traditional orthodontic care is available to all our Apex patients. Dr. Craig Young and his staff of highly trained dental care professionals have successfully completed thousands of cases and can confidently improve the look of your smile quickly and comfortably. Fortunately, during the last few decades traditional orthodontic care has greatly improve with advances in technology and technique to make your orthodontic treatment quick and cost-effective.

orthodontist draper riverton utahAt Apex Dental in Utah, Dr. Young typically provides orthodontic treatment in two phases. The first phase, Arch Development, involves arch development through the use of removable appliances. Far removed from orthodontic methods of old, the arch development process gently shapes the arch to its ideal position to create room for proper teeth realignment. This preliminary orthodontic process can greatly reduce the need for tooth extractions. Depending on the individual needs of the patient, this phase of the orthodontic treatment process takes anywhere from four to six months to complete.

The next phase in the treatment process is the part typically associated with orthodontics. It involves aligning the teeth through the use of brackets and wires. Fortunately, the technology and materials used during this phase have improved greatly, making treatment quicker and less painful than it used to be. Many of us who remember going through orthodontic treatment as kids have negative memories involving long-term pain and discomfort. But not only do new technological advances eliminate much of the painful hassle of having straight teeth, but it’s now far easier and more affordable than ever.

One of the primary technological advances of the past few decades that have revolutionized orthodontic care involve the wires used to apply pressure on the teeth for realignment. Wires used during orthodontic work are now made of a material called nickel titanium. Instead of the older stainless steel wires, nickel titanium applies a low, consistent pressure which is spread throughout the mouth. Not only does this material eliminate extreme forces on the teeth common with older orthodontic methods, but it also enables far quicker and more efficient teeth realignment.

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Orthodontic brackets, which connect with the wire and are used to realign each individual tooth, have undergone a number of changes that enable quicker and less painful tooth realignment. One of these advances is a new type of bracket called passive self-ligating braces, which drastically reduces friction and pressure on the teeth by allowing the arch wire to move freely between each tooth. As with nickel titanium arch wires, passive self-ligating braces allows for more evenly spread forces, eliminating uncomfortable pressure on any single part of the arch and increasing the speed in which the teeth can be realigned.

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