Composite Fillings

The ultimate goal when going to the dentist is to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. Thanks to improvements within the dental field, an alternate to amalgam or a silver filling is now available. It is a Composite filling also known as a white filling. The filling achieves the same goal as a silver filling by protecting the tooth and replacing the decaying or infected area, but appears more natural and offers greater benefits.

What is a Composite Filling?

White fillings are made of a synthetic composite resin (plastic) material that is used to replace tooth structure damaged or destroyed by dental caries (cavities) or trauma. It is a simple procedure where the cavity is removed and then the composite is placed in the tooth. It is cured by a light and then shaped to replicate the groves and valleys of a natural tooth.

Advantages of Composite Fillings

The resin composite filling was only used in the front teeth when it first appeared because it was not durable enough to be used in the back where intense grinding, chewing and wear of the teeth occurred.  Technology has improved substantially and now composite fillings are able to uphold in the posterior teeth. Apex Dental only uses composite instead of amalgam (silver fillings) to create the most natural appearance. Unlike the silver filling which just fills the hole to protect the tooth from further damage, can get weak and brittle, and can crack or leak, the composite filling is bonded to the walls of the tooth therefore making it nearly impossible to penetrate. The filling bonds to the tooth and is sealed after to maintain color.

When Composite Fillings are used

White fillings can be used for cosmetic options as well. Composites are able to reshape any deformed teeth or add length to a tooth. Often times the molars in the back have deep groves on the sides that food particles can get trapped in causing infection. The composite can be filled in those areas as a preventative. It can fill in any chips or worn down teeth to appear healthy yet again. It does not require for healthy tooth structure to be removed unlike a veneer. The filling comes in many shades to match to the surrounding teeth. Although tea, coffee and other colored drinks will have a staining component to any tooth, the filling is polished and sealed to maintain color blending with existing teeth.

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