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Waste Not Want Not

The end of the year is a great time for reflection, an opportunity to look back on the past twelve months and examine how things are going in you and your family’s life. Many people measure their yearly progress by the changes in these three aspects: financial growth, physical health, and social influence. This is your chance to consider these three categories, what you are happy with, and what you want to improve during the next year.

What many people overlook is the influence that their dental health plays on each of these three aspects of life. Too often people wait until they are in pain to visit their dentist. What they don’t realize is that by waiting until a significant problem arises, they are negatively affecting their physical health, increasing the likelihood that the procedure they need will be more costly, and overlooking the impact their smile, or lack thereof, has on their social life. Visiting the dentist isn’t on the top of most people’s priority list. But take a moment to consider the benefits of visiting your dentist on a regular semi-annual basis, not just when your teeth are bothering you.

– If you have insurance, be sure to take full advantage of your premiums you have paid all year. If you aren’t going in for your covered bi-annual check-ups and cleanings you are paying for coverage that you are entitled to but not using. Most dental insurance plans cover this expense, so there is no reason not to use it.
– Even without insurance, regular visits for an exam, cleaning and X-rays can be a good financial decision. Regular exams provide a chance to diagnose problems before they become larger issues. Taking care of minor issues before they become costly major problems is always more comfortable, and less costly.
– Poor oral health has been shown to be a factor in serious health conditions such as: Cardiovascular disease, dementia, and respiratory infections and even pre-term birth.
– Everyone knows having pain in your mouth can have a significant negative influence on your day. Simple things like eating, talking, and sleeping, all become bothersome when a tooth is hurting.
– First impressions can make a huge impact in your life. Many surveys confirm that the first thing a majority of people notice is your smile. Events like a first date or an important job interview can hinge on how the other person first perceives you. Having a smile you are proud of will not only boost your confidence, it will also increase other people’s perception of you. There are many ways to improve a smile from a simple take-home whitening kit to a complete cosmetic smile makeover. If you are self-conscious about your smile, schedule a consultation with your dentist and discuss your options.

You still have some time to visit your family dentist before the year ends. Taking care of your teeth provides you with a great smile, while also allowing the financial, health, and social aspects of your life to benefit.

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